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Photo by Avosb/iStock / Getty Images

Training and rates


At Torontofit  you will be provided with a progressive plan to reach your goals that will integrate both intensity and intelligent program design, with an emphasis on the importance of exercising with proper technique.

Just as when you are preparing your favourite meal and certain ingredients have to be included in the proper amounts and in the right orders, the same can be said about your workout routine. Exercise selection and sequence, as well as variables such as the volume, intensity and recovery in your workout are very important..  This workout recipe, known as program design is what ultimately determines the success of your exercise program. ( along with your commitment to training ) 

Taking into account your personal goals and exercise history your program will be safe, effective and tailored to your individual needs.


Personal training sessions are 1 hour in duration

Single session $85.00

Custom Program design and Demo $140.00

Package of 10 sessions $80.00

Package of 20 sessions $1500.00

Group Training : normal rates apply plus 50 percent for every extra particpant

24 hours notice required to cancel a session without charge